How To Start Blogging In India Free Of Cost | 2022

How To Start Blogging In India | 2022

What Is Blogging and How To Start Blogging In India?

Today we are going to know what blogs are and some of their aspects. Blogging is the best thing that can help you share your thoughts with the peoples, it can also be a tool for making money online and it can be a great way to build a strong group of people. If you read blogs yourself regularly, you will already understand why blogging is a great platform from a business perspective.

A good blogging website ensures that readers keep coming back. It will attract them and it will be fun and useful at the same time, and if you can become a blog that goes into your niche, all kinds of magical things can happen. Popularity over the past five years.

Best Blogging Platform

Today We Learn About How To Create A Blogging Website Without Any Cost. Here We Know Some Steps, how to create and run a profitable blog website in 2021. The main part of any successful blog knows how to write a blog post than how to do proper SEO of the blog. For Rank higher in google search results, You Need A Good Content. If You Have A Good Unique Article Then You Publish It On Your Website After That  Google Rank Your Article In Search Result Easily. is the best option for You If You Want to Start a blogger website in Free and You Don’t Know Any Coding Language. Blogger is also much easier than WordPress. 

How To Start Blogging In India?

Create A Free Blogspot Website with google blogger You Need a Gmail Id for login. First You Create A Gmail Id After That You Sign Up In For Blogger. After completing this whole process, Write The Title and Description Carefully. Because It’s A Ranking Factor. Complete This Step Here Open A New Window In This Section You Choose A Custom Domain This Is The Subdomain Of Then define a Display Name and your Blog Is Ready To Publish. For Checking A Live Version Of Your Website Click On  “View Blog” in the bottom left corner. 

Post Writing And Submission in google blogger

After Complete Your Blog All Require Detail’s You Click On Add Post In Menu Section. Here  A Text Editor Open In This Text Box To Add Title And In Body Content You Add Your Article. You Need To Check Before Publishing  Your Article. On the top section, you get some buttons to manage your content like undo or redo button, Font type, and font family change or adjust font size.

Formatting in a blog post

Most Of the People have questions about blogging kya hai,  blogging kese kare. In Blogger You can apply some different type formats including Paragraph and H1, H2 Headings. If You Want to hyperlink any text here is the link tab so you easily hyperlink text. For Insert the Image in your article please click on the insert image icon to browse images from your device or add images from URLs,  you can adjust the size, caption, and ALT text.

You can add emojis, and adjust any paragraph alignment in lists of bulleted or numbered and drop quotes. Blogger editor looks very simple. So if you have some knowledge of the HTML language, you can switch to the HTML view to check or even write the direct HTML code. 

You can add Google AdSense banners in Gadgets Section, and use custom HTML codes, or search bars. In the Format bar, adjust the time, data format. In the Meta tags Section, you can add keywords to improve your blog indexing on google search engines.

Add Category or tag or label in the blog post

In the post settings, you can add tags, add labels to help you find your post on Google, change the post’s publication date, change the permalink, and much more. In Location, section inserts your interesting location and here you have Options to manage the comments permissions on posts. If you are ready to publish your content on the internet so click on publish. If You Have Any Question Related This Article Tell with us on Digitaleducate.

Theme Editing in blogger websites

In the blogger, you also change the theme color, menu, and button, according to your need. Advanced gives you more options to edit the items you have such as the background color, style, and font color, as well as the color of the links, links visited, and floating links. All of these options change depending on the item selected. You can save or restore the current design to start over from its original version.

You can also switch to a previous generation theme and edit the HTML to make changes that simply aren’t possible with the simple theme interface we’ve seen now. To add a menu, go to Layout, then the Pages List, add any interesting pages, and adjust their order.

Blogger Setting

Within the settings, you can adjust various blog options such as blog title, description or language. If you’re using adult content, you can also add alerts and any Google Analytics IDs for details about your traffic and performance. You can change the tab of your browser. An icon in the favicon area.

Under Format, set the time zone and data format and add any keywords to improve the indexing of your blog in the search engines, separated by commas in the meta tags.

Connect AdSense

How To Start Blogging In India? This is the most common question for bloggers. But the Second question in all blogger minds is how to earn money from blogging. While the stats let you check your website performance and revenue, you can add your AdSense account stats and check if you have a link. If you want to link a Google AdSense account, include your ads.txt file in monetization.

Connect Custom Domain 

You have the option of using a custom domain on Blogger. You can buy the domain from any service provider such as Hoster or Godaddy. If so, Blogger will give you two CNAME records to add to your domain panel. After logging into your domain, delete all records and enter two requested CNAME records with the correct name and description. Then wait at least 24 hours and add your domain. Activate the redirection for it to take effect. I Hope You All Are Understand Easily How To Start Blogging In India?

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