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How To Create New Account On Gmail?

How To Create New Account On Gmail And Its Benefits

I'll show you How To Create New Account On Gmail and send an email. Open your browser, go to the URL in the search bar, type, and press Enter. A Gmail page opens here, now you click on Create Account, select the personal or commercial type depending on your needs.

Step - 1

Enter your first and last name. Create your username which is your email address. Your email address should only contain letters from A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9. Then enter your password. When you have done this, click Next in the required fields.

Step - 2

Enter your active cell phone number and the recovery email is optional and can be left blank. Enter your date of birth and gender and click next. Here Gmail sends a six-digit code to your mobile number. 

Reasons Why You Should Use Gmail For Your Business

  • Gmail automatically gives you a Google account. If you have it, you can easily apply it to all of Google's services.
  • If you want to switch to an Android phone, you'll need a Google account to get the most of it.
  • Checking Your Other Email: This is a new feature, which can check up to 5 other accounts and download all of those emails to your Gmail.
  • Integrated with another Google service, Google Drive, Docs, Excel, YouTube
  • Gmail Spamming Mail Filter Feature
  • Undo Email;- When an email sent by mistake can be cancelled within a certain period of time. Undo a pending message. Go to the General tab in the settings, activate the option Undo send, and choose the duration of the cancellation period (5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds).
  • Allow others to read and send emails on your behalf. If you have a company, use these settings to delegate someone else's access to your email on your behalf.
  • Assign a star to a message to determine the meaning of the message for other messages without a star. Gmail offers the option of assigning different stars to an email.

With Gmail, your emails are securely stored in the cloud. You can access your all emails from any device with any browser. If your partner allows, you can join Google Meet directly from Gmail or start a video chat. Download a Gmail App In Your Mobile And Access All Emails With a Single Click. Gmail is a free mailing service from Google. You send and receive email, block spam emails, and do other email tasks, but it has some more unique features, making popular online email services one of the most popular.

The Google Workspace email service offers just as many additional functions and services as Gmail for home users. The storage capacity and document sharing is much easier and the storage capacity is larger than the consumer's mail id. In addition, Google Workspace enables you to identify your e-mail with the domain name. It's very important to a company. It is a very important platform for our daily use. This feature is also an important feature of Google Workspace. I Hope You Understand How To Create New Account On Gmail. In the Previous Post, We Discuss How To Start Blogging In India.