Wazwan Indulgence

Start your Kashmiri food journey with a hearty dish called Wazwan. You can choose between chicken or lamb – it's a delicious way to begin!

Rogan Josh Delicacy

Treat your taste buds to a tasty dish called Rogan Josh. It's a Kashmiri specialty with rich flavors, especially when enjoyed with saffron rice.

Creamy Yakhni

Try something creamy and delicious – Yakhni! It's a dish made with lamb that has a velvety texture, and you'll definitely enjoy every bite.

Kahwa Connection

Don't miss the chance to sip on Kashmiri Kahwa tea. It's a special traditional tea that brings warmth and a taste of Kashmir to your experience.

Local Culinary Exploration

Take a culinary adventure and explore authentic Kashmiri dishes. It's like a journey into the local culture through your taste buds.

Foodie's Paradise

Kashmiri cuisine is a paradise for food lovers! Discover a variety of delicious flavors that will make your dining experience truly special.

Street Food Adventure

Go on an adventure in local markets and try out street food. It's a fun way to experience the creativity of Kashmiri food in a casual setting.

Sweet Endings

Wrap up your meals with sweet treats – traditional Kashmiri desserts. They're a delightful way to finish your dining experience on a sweet note.