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5 Best Free SEO Tools for Keyword Research & Check Backlink

Do You Want To Know About 5 Powerful best free SEO tools For Your Website. Having a search engine optimization (SEO) approach next to your content approach when creating content is essential. It makes certain that your contributions are as efficient as possible. SEO can be designed for beginners, but numerous best free SEO tools are just as solid as your paid colleagues.

These are 5 Best Free SEO Tools for Your Website:

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast is the most popular tool for SEO on WordPress. If you look at any big website, in most cases, you will find the Yoast SEO plugin. It is number one on our list of the best free SEO tools. The Yoast SEO tool has many advantages. Like in this, you get auto-set schema markup, and at the same time, it reads your content and tells you what is missing in it. If the keyword density, proximity, and placement are incorrect in the content you put on the website, then the SEO tool will show an error.

You do not need to generate any meta tags, and all meta tags will already be found in this SEO tool. Also, before submitting the post, it will tell you what the SEO score of your post is and what changes are needed.

Advantages Of Yoast SEO Plugin:

  1. Auto generate XML & HTML sitemap
  2. Keyword optimization suggestions in content
  3. Pre design meta title and description tag
  4. Social media integration, Facebook & Twitter tags
  5. Content analysis for readability
  6. Breadcrumb navigation support
  7. Redirect setup options
  8. All schema markup available for your post
  9. AMP plugin integration
  10. Multilingual hreflang tag support with different-different country

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a powerful and best free SEO tool for keyword research. You can find trending searches and keywords with the help of this tool. These SEO tools are very beneficial for those who do event blogging or who have a news website. In Google Trends, you will get the trending search results for any category, and you can also see on which website the article related to that news has been published. In Google Trends, you can find searches and trending keywords happening in India and worldwide.

Advantages Of Google Trends:

Google Trends provides a clear picture of keyword research how specific trends change over time and how individual search patterns change in response to them. To use Google Trends, tap with a keyword research. This tool works great when combined with more keywords to show comparisons of trends gradually. These are some advantage of this SEO tool:

  1. Identifying popular topics
  2. Finding related keywords
  3. Comparing interest over time
  4. Analyzing seasonal trends
  5. Targeting specific regions

3. Google Search Console

Google has launched many free SEO tools in the market for SEO, with the help of which you can improve the SEO score of your website, and search engines will be fine ranking your website. Google Search Console is the third best free SEO tool on this list, This tool is free, and if you want your website to rank on Google, you need to know about these tools. You need to submit the website using this tool to get it ranked on Google. After adding your domain, check if you are the website owner before accessing all its functions. In Google Search Console, you can see the complete off-page SEO details as well as if there is any technical error on your website and It's provides insights into the performance of your pages, how users interact with them, and the quality of your content.

Advantages Of Google Search Console:

  1. Shows website performance on Google
  2. Helps with website indexing in Google
  3. Alerts for website issues like SEO & technical
  4. Shows website clicks with pages
  5. Shows website pages impressions in Google
  6. Shows website internal & external backlinks
  7. Shows website crawl errors
  8. Shows website mobile usability & core web vitals
  9. Shows website search queries & keywords
  10. Helps with website security

4. Google Analytics:

One of the best free SEO tools from Google is Google Analytics. You will be quite familiar with this tool if you are familiar with digital marketing. The primary goal of the person who handles the website's SEO or social media promotion is to increase website traffic. And one such tool is Google Analytics, which allows you to track website traffic and see when and how many visitors each page of your website has received. You may also view the user's country of origin and the network he used with this tool. We get a lot of SEO aid from this free tool.

Advantages Of Google Analytics:

If you want to know about its advantage, then its biggest advantage is that it is a best free SEO tool in this digital era. With Google Analytics, you can see how all peoples interact with your site. You can see how many individuals are visiting your website, from where your traffic is coming, how long the individuals stay on your page, and much more:

  1. Traffic analysis
  2. User behavior insights
  3. Conversion tracking
  4. Real-time monitoring
  5. Customizable reports
  6. E-commerce tracking
  7. Geo-location targeting

5. Ahrefs Backlink Checker:

Every person who knows about SEO would know about this powerful and best free SEO tool. In Ahref, you will get every facility related to SEO, in which you can check everything from keyword research to content. And if you want to analyze your competitor's website, you can do that too. In competitor analysis, you will know where your competitor has maintained backlinks and which keywords rank in Google. Ahref also has a free webmaster tool to integrate into your website. After that, you can find and correct all your website's SEO and technical errors.

Advantages Of Ahrefs Backlink Checker:

This best free SEO tools is ideal for a slight backlink review and analyzing your competitors. Although they are limited to displaying 100 links, it is still a great start. The total number of backlinks, links from other domains, the domain, and the URL rating of the website will all be shown. These are some more benefit of Ahref tool:

  1. Find profitable keywords for your website
  2. Identify SEO & technical issues of website
  3. Competitor website analysis
  4. Backlink analysis & Competitor website backlink analysis
  5. Optimize content according your keyword
  6. Monitor SERP rankings
  7. Find content ideas for your topic
  8. Broken link checker
  9. Measure competition of keyword
  10. Identify SERP features

In conclusion

optimizing your website for search engines is essential in the current digital era, and employing the appropriate tools can significantly impact your SEO strategy. You can access various tools from the best free SEO tools discussed in this article to assist with keyword research, website analysis, ranking tracking, and content improvement. These tools can be immensely helpful in increasing your website's exposure and generating traffic, whether you are a novice or an expert SEO professional. You can build a strong foundation for your SEO strategy without spending a fortune with these best free SEO tools.